My Philosophy

Client Engagement

When you’re working with Concept Tile & Design, I invite you to be part of the process every step along the way. We will discuss your design ideas and preferred materials while keeping functionality, aesthetics and the budget in mind.
In order to maintain the highest standards in building and handle challenges along the way with ease, I am involved in every aspect of the project – I design the layout, set every tile and every joint. This streamlines the building process and ensures that nothing is lost in translation from designer to builder.

Thoughtful Design

A good tiling job isn’t as simple as picking out the right tile. It starts there, but each space requires a thoughtful exploration of how the space and materials interact. Designing your project with the aid of computer software allows us to virtually walk through your future kitchen or bathroom and explore both layout and accent options before the first stone or tile is set. This practice adds another major benefit: it reduces waste and streamlines the construction process.

Superior Craftsmanship

Nothing else matters if the work does not last or stand the test of time. In choosing high quality materials and being meticulous with the design & building process your finished product will appear fresh throughout its lifespan and require the least effort to maintain those great looks. Whether you’re looking for a kitchen remodel, new flooring or a wet space application – I will settle for nothing less than perfection.

— Scott Klandl


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