From Concept To Finish

Small Bathroom solutions

In my work I focus on simple & elegant design, functionality and attention to detail in craftsmanship. Before setting the first tile, I like to get a feel for the space and discuss your ideas on design and materials. The use of modeling software allows me to create a project mockup and identify potential pitfalls or design improvements.

Design 1: based on the initial discussion with the client

Design 2: adjusted niche position and diagonal floor tile

This bathroom is fairly small and benefits from diagonally set floor tile (as compared to the rectangular pattern). Meanwhile, moving the niche further away from the shower head allows for easy reach.






Customer Review:

Scott worked with us on our bathroom remodeling project.  He gave us very helpful design information both for proper wall and floor preparation and final tile design.  He provided clear options to help us come to important decisions.  The work was completed with superb attention to detail and to our own preferences.

Ian & Nancy, Richmond (Vermont).


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